My Sexy Introduction to the World of Blogs!

Do blogs begin with small statements or greetings?

How about a question?

I feel like what I want for my blog is a conversation. At first, I imagine it will be a little bit like my musings, erotica, and sweet nothings. I dabbled with creative writing so I also imagine that it will be akin to breaking in a new pair of heels with the same pair of feet I have always been rocking. Excitingly enticing.

In this Lyttle blog prepare for some lavishly luscious lust, deliciously devilish descriptions, and scintillating sensuousness. As promised, I plan to share my own personal stories and escapades with juicy detail.
I’ll keep you posted on the happenings in my journey to sexual satisfaction, plans for new videos, and everything else I can imagine you would be curious about. I’ll share my hopes, my dreams, my wishlists, my favorite things… even Lyttle flavored things  for your pleasure.

You may be wondering:
What do I expect from you?

Well… considering this blog is an experiment, I have some ground rules.

1. Respect – I’ll always give it and expect it from everyone.
2. Honesty – If you like it, you say it. If you don’t like it, you say it too. Don’t sugar coat a bad apple or idea just to get on my good side. Mean what you say and know what you mean.
3. Curiosity – I am officially open to all discussions. Bring. It. On. Lol!

I want to interact with you. I am at your service and within your grasp. You need only reach out and feel the tingle of my mind responding to yours.

So back to the question…

What is your fantasy? … more specifically:
What are you and I doing in your fantasy?
Let’s explore this world and paint it hot!!!

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