3 Easy Steps to Pounder’s Snaps!

The title says it all!

That’s right! Many of you have been asking where you can get more Pounder. Today we have opened the Snapchat doors to everyone and anyone needing a little distraction, entertainment and…why not?…arousal!

So, grab your lubes ladies and gentlemen. AND:

  1. Go to NikkiLyttle.ManyVids.com
  2. Select Pounder’s Snapchat item
  3. Start Snaping!

It is that easy, friends!

Get my Snapchat and watch as I go through my days Snaping Pics and Vids of myself fucking, jerking-off on all kinds of strange, exciting, and taboo places, people and/or things!  You will also get to see me fucking my wife and her hot friends; voyeur and up-close-&-personal. Maybe you even get to catch me training at the gym or watching a game or doing something adventurous.

The list of things you can see me doing in Snapchat is just never ending! …and ever surprising! I hope to hear from you!

A big high-5 and fist-bump to all those killing it on Snapchat! Also, a big hug to all the cam models and others in the adult industry trying to deliver awesome material to the fans! Of course, let’s not forget about our beloved fans! You guys mean everything to us and we are so thankful to be here for your distraction and entertainment!

Everyone have a fantastic day, week, month, quarter, year, decade, life, eternity!!!

Yours truly,


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